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Hi all,

Please post here if you are a Gold Premier Club member (shown by the Premier Club badge under your forum avatar) and would like access to the Premier Club Forums.

These VIP Forums will be where we post threads for the Q&A’s, for you to ask your questions and for us to post answers.

Please wait 48 hours after posting here to gain access to the VIP Forums – up to 72 hours if posting on the weekend.


EDIT: It's awesome to see how many of you have applied to get into the new VIP forums - you've literally blown me away! Due to the 4000 odd extra posts we've seen in 48 hours, we are a little behind so you may not get access within the timescale I've mentioned above. Apologies for the inconvenience, we'll get you sorted as soon as possible!

Some players are also posting who don't have the golden VIP member forum badge - be aware that you won't receive access as it's specifically for players who have purchased the Gold Premier packages at the beginning of this year.

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