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Nice News Letter Kat :)

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01-Dec-2010 20:29:18

King Ford

King Ford

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Well... I don't like the poem that much, but I have to say that it is quite creative :) I'm still wondering who the Zammorak of the month is, I can't seem to figure it out!

Well... good news letter this month! Keep it up and I look forward to next months! :D

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01-Dec-2010 23:13:54

K9 Mark III

K9 Mark III

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Here is a poem i made up. It is about the gods and their legacy.

Ode to Varrock

Varrock a place to start many adventures
An area of peace and beautiful cultures

Many have heard this story be told
But few can recite it as well as King Roald

For he looked back through his family tree
And saw monarchs of Varrock for over three centuries.

This story starts many years ago
With Roald’s great great grandfather King Hugo.

While battling goblins and beasts of the land.
He saw descend a giant, white hand

Saradomin spoke with an authoritative tone
This kingdom requires you on its throne

He set off north towards a suitable site
And quickly worked for saradomin’s plight

With the toil of many a castle was complete
And there upon his royal seat

The great king, Hugo the first
Saradomin had won and Zamorak cursed

But a small rebellious faction remained
Seeing Zamorak as the god ordained

Their church can still be seen in the east
And it’s home to the more violent of priests

This feud unsettled the city somewhat
But this was settled by another god

For Guthix had finally risen from sleep
And what he saw made him weep

It seemed his job to maintain the peace
And keep saradomin and zamorak on a much tighter leash.

Yet as guthix grew weary and increasingly old
A new form of police was required - something bold.

And thus the judges uphold the balance
As reavers and lords clatter their lances

The triumvirate stood fast as a rock
And protected the fair town Varrock.

07-Dec-2010 10:23:28

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