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January Caption Competition

We have a brand new image for you!
This month's photo is from our recent Christmas party. Whatever could be going on?
Your challenge is to write a funny caption that suits the image perfectly. We know you can do it!
Once you have your caption send it to us by email at - and if you could include the word 'caption' in your subject header it will really help us to spot your suggestion! If you are under 13, please ask a parent or guardian to send your entry in on your behalf, from their contact email address.
If you prefer, you can post your caption on this thread instead.
You can submit as many entries as you like, but please remember to let us know your RuneScape account name on each entry, if you submit by e-mail - that way we will know who needs a shiny reward for their efforts!
The competition will close promptly at 10:00 UK time on Friday 14th January 2011 - so get your captions in as soon as you can. We will then go through all the entries and find the ones that literally make us lol irl!
Although it's really just for fun we will offer up a couple of prizes for the wittiest entries -
The winner will receive a complimentary 2 months' membership to RuneScape and a RuneScape mouse mat signed by Mark Gerhard and a selection of other J Mods.
Awesome runner-up
The awesome runner up will receive one month RuneScape membership.
Both winners will have their captions featured in the next newsletter, and will also appear on the official RuneScape Facebook.
So, good luck everyone - we can't wait to see your great ideas!

Caption Competition Image!!

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"I see you are poisoned, half life points, and out of super antipoison. Are you up for a quick game in my labyrinth? You could win a dose of a potion to heal you or you can die halfway through the game."

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"The side effects of drinking Zombie Rum"
"Who's that Noob over there..."
"Is it Halloween again?"
"I hope our disguises work"
"At the wrong party AGAIN... I told you..."
"Bow down to the might of Green Mask Man and Half-Face"
"This is will what happen if you betray The Green Mask!"

Thinking Now
-Now off to think... in my thinking spot, in my thinking temple in my thinking city, in my thinking country, on my thinking planet, which is in my thinking solar system, that is in my thinking galaxy, which is near my thinking nebula which is in my thinking universe... hmmmm
Think of Gielinor,
of the Second Age,

of the Elves,
of the-
yeah.. you get the idea...

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Abe Guy

Abe Guy

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'I think it's a zombie, Miles'
'Run for your lives! It's the new random!'
'Thank Goodness we only do this once a year!'
'I havn't been this scared since I met these two people at a party!'

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- "Oh dang it, we're on Earth, aren't we..."
- Saradomin and Zamorak in their mortal forms.
- "Where are we?"
- "I have a feeling we're not in Arkham anymore."
- "You ready for this?" "Let's do it."

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