54th Player Gallery - Winners

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54th Player Gallery - Vampyres

Ties in nicely with Halloween - we have some awesome Vampyre themed artwork to share with you! As always, we'd like to thank everyone that took part, we have an extremely talented community and we're so proud of everyone that entered.

The winner of the 54th Player Gallery is Exergy for this sketch titled "Mission: Disguise, Infiltrate and Slay".

We had so many amazing entries there were three runners up and a whole load of special mentions! Here are the runners up (in no particular order):

Midwyn for this graphic image "Blood Will Flow".

Nudist for this beautifully detailed piece titled "Oppression in Meiyerditch".

Maximus Gugu for this untitled funny and creative pic based on Branches of Darkmeyer.

The entries this month have been absolutely incredible and we had to share the other entries with you because they're just so good!

Red Squirrel-
Branches of Darkmeyer
; M E R C Y-
Moonlight Over Mortainia
V O R P A L-
; Legend Arts-
Little Monster

Words can't describe how happy we are every time we host a Player Gallery competition. The winners and runners up were all selected due to their individual styles and only quirky twist to their picture in the way that they met the criteria.

The criteria was for it to be part of the Myreque quest series and to contain a silver sickle. It needed to be a silver sickle or it didn't make the cut. Sorry. :( ... Don't worry if you're entry is not up here, once we are able to update the Player Gallery wiki page we'll be sure to add them all onto there!

Here are just a few more that we wanted to share. :)

; Snivic-
; Seasons Wind-
Drakan's Death
; Samicus III-
Traversing Meiyerditch

Congratulations to Exergy for winning, we'll contact you via inbox shortly. Runners up will have bonds on their accounts before the end of the week. Everyone else, thanks so much for taking part - we love seeing your stuff so we're looking forward to the next one! 💘
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Maximus Gugu
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.- OMG, thanks :3

And gratz for the other arts. All awesome!
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Big Congrats to you amazingly talented scapers. I truly admire the detail and characteristics of all these entries. Artscape is truly one of my favorite aspects of the game. (besides all the wonderful players)

Love you all,

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