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Postbag is back!!

Hello everyone!!!

Guess who's back? Postbag's back! Tell your friends and bring your creativity to our new Postbag!!

Postie Pete has been so busy working on a Postbag for February just in time to share with you all that he has a soft heart and can be romantic! ;)

So why not join us in this take opportunity to state your feelings to your favourite RuneScape character? Tell them how much you admire them, write them a love poem or just embarrass them with a sonnet!?

Here’s an example of a very famous love poem from an unlikely bard, Rantz:

Squashed hoomans is red,
Chinchompas is brown,
Belly go rumbly
When smell you around.

You look so tasty
When boiling in brine,
Can Rantz please ask you
To be Valentine?

So wait no longer and start your poem or letter right now. Don’t forget to send it to our Postbag –!

We challenge you to pour out your heart and show us what you've got! ;)

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15-Jan-2011 21:07:10

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Aw, very creative idea.
I'll try my best to come up with something good. :)
I love your signature by the way, Turtle. ;)
Have a great night. :)

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