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Forum Community Helpers

In May last year we introduced volunteer Twitter Community Helpers - players passionate about helping others over Social Media. Since then we've continued to grow the scheme, made refinements to how it works and even invited a group of them to the office to see how we work!

After reviewing its success we're now in a position to share information on our Forum Community Helper initiative. They fall under the same family but instead are players committed to helping provide support and advice here on the RS Forums.

Community Helpers are regular members of the community who go above and beyond to support other players. Whilst endorsed by Jagex, they do not have any mute / ban tools or account access, and can not remove offences, edit account settings or bypass regular security. The role is entirely voluntary.

Community Helpers help the community by providing helpful links to the Support Centre, assisting with regular or common issues, issuing practical advice and tips, as well as acting as a friendly point of contact should you need help as to where to go for support.

To ensure our helpers are providing the best possible service, they're issued with a set of guidelines and are regularly provided feedback by Jagex. Community Helpers are selected on an invitation basis only and players can't yet apply to join the scheme. They have access to a private forum where they can liaise with other Helpers and Jagex on support related issues.

The Helpers will primarily provide help in the Community Led Support forums though it's possible you'll see them post around just like a regular forumer. Helpers are easily identifiable by their 'Community Helper' title - they're also listed at the end of this thread.

Community Support Forums

With the introduction of Forum Community Helpers we thought it was a good opportunity to review how the Community Led Support forums operate.

After having a detailed chat with our Twitter Helpers and having reviewed the various different options available to us, we've decided to make some changes to how they work.

Players can now submit their own threads within these Forums and are no longer restricted to sticky threads.

Giving the players the freedom to post their own thread seems to be the best way forward. Whilst a lot of players experience the same issue, there's nothing quite like making your own individual thread so you can express and share your issue and have replies you know will be relevant to it.

It should also help out the awesome people who provide help & advice too. Instead of having to trawl through pages and pages of questions and answers and trying to determine what needs answering, they'll be able to quickly see new and unanswered threads at a glance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How can I identify a Community Helper?
A - A full list of approved Community Helpers can be found on this page. They may also be using the 'Community Helper' title (reserved for helpers only) which will appear above their name on their forum posts.

Q - Are Community Helpers the same as Player or Forum Mods?
A - No, although some players are both a Helper and a volunteer Mod. Helpers do not have a crown in game or a glow on the Forums.

Q - What's the difference between a P/FMod and a Helper?
A - Community Helpers have been identified by the Jagex Customer Support team as going the extra mile in helping other players with account, technical and payment support issues on the Forums and on Social Media. PMods are looked after by the Community Management team and focus on in game engagement and events, as well as having additional reporting tools. FMods focus on forum engagement and moderation where necessary - they too are looked after by the CM team.

Both P and FMods are incredibly helpful and approachable - an important trait of any of our volunteers. :)

Q - Can a Helper view my personal account information?
A - No. Helpers don't have access to any of our back end systems. The only differences are their unique 'Community Helper' title and additional forum tools.

Q- What additional Forum tools do Helpers receive? Can they ban accounts?
A - No, Helpers can not ban accounts. Helpers can move threads to help with the general administration of the Helper forums. They will only move threads into the Helper forums when they have been misplaced, and can not help with general thread or forum management.

Q - How do I become a Community Helper?
A - When it comes to growing the team we're looking for super friendly and knowledgable people who are active on either Twitter or the Forums (or both)! If you're someone who loves to help others and knows their stuff then we'll be in touch!

Q - Does this mean the Jagex Customer Support team is being replaced with volunteers?
A - Definitely not! This initiative simply helps identify players who have been providing awesome advice for months & years now. The CS Team continues to grow from strength to strength and we're committed to providing an outstanding service. Our service offering will only ever improve. :)

Q - Does this mean I can't help out on the Forums now?
A - Absolutely not! You should continue to help others out on the Forums as usual. Helpers have simply been identified by Jagex as providing solid, friendly, up to date advice on a regular basis. If we think you'll make a good fit then we'll ping you an inbox message via

Q - Someone invited me to be a Helper in game - they asked me for some sensitive information. Is this legit?
A - This is a scam. We will only ever invite you to become a Community Helper via the official RuneScape messaging centre. Remember you should never share your password or bank PIN with anyone.

List of Forum Community Helpers



Whos Dr



Samora Kiba




Quest Luke


Jeremy C

Asahel Frost

Nubby Nubnub


Chow Chow







Mod Infinity
Senior Player Support Manager

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