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56th Player Gallery - 15th B'day Memories

Hi everyone,

For the latest Player Gallery competition we asked players to come up with with their favourite RS memories from over the 15 years that RuneScape has been out. We've had some amazing designs that have been sent to us and we're so happy with can share then with you today!

Everyone did an amazing job but the winner of the 56th Player Gallery competition is
Phantom 2k
for this awesome looking pic
"A Bittersweet Nostalgia"

Our runners up are:

Jq Soo
for their artwork titled
"Memories of Mine"

She Devil's
water-colour painting titled
"NPC's Birthday Vacation"

You all did such an amazing job, we even have some amazing entries that were picked at random that have all won some concept art!

Please click to see them in more detail

Underwater World, Bandage Woes, The Wedding
Chasing Memories
; Vivaire-
A Trimvirate of Thoughts
; Im Burnable-
Heraldic Shield of the Ages
The Best of Zepertix

Please don't worry if your artwork was not shown on this occasion. We will be sharing all player art at some point in the near future.

As all of the prizes contain concept art, everyone will be contacted first thing next weekregarding their prizes, for now, please enjoy the weekend. ❤
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05-Feb-2016 18:49:08

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Congratulations to all!

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05-Feb-2016 20:18:00



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Dang. Better luck next time I guess, congratulations to the winners

A request: PLEASE make these forum threads searchable. It was literally impossible to find the Player Gallery 56 prompt thread. No key words regarding it would work, even after copying and pasting the title into the search bar on the forums it still didn't come up with it. It took me forever to finally find it again by manually searching through the events and competitions folder. Please don't make me do that, please just make this stuff searchable, I like to reference back to them to confirm due dates and ewview the prompt and requirements.

When can we expect the next competition? I'm keen to have another go
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06-Feb-2016 03:18:11

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