57th Player Gallery Winners

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Mod Neena

Mod Neena

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57th Player Gallery - God Wars

Hi everyone,

Firstly, we want to thank everyone that participated in this month's Player Gallery competition. We had a really good amount of entries and it was really difficult to choose winners especially with all the different art styles players used.

We've looked through all the submissions, the teams have got back to us with their personal favourites, ones that were selected the most were selected in our top three. The winner of the IRL God Wars II weapon (safe for LARP) is
for their piece
Colliding Powers
. Congratulations! :D

Our runners up have also produced fantastic and creative pieces:

Tillion Maia
for this cute image
"Seren's Best Friend"

for this really detailed image of

They were all really awesome and it was really difficult to choose the top three, here were other favourites from the team and a few special mentions in no particular order.

Please click to see them in more detail

Commander Zilyana
; Hauyne-

Visit Cheerful Bandos Camp
; Red Squirrel-
Bringing Back The Balance

Legend Arts-
God Wars Dungeon Clash
; Tanglepath-

God Wars Dungeon Chibis
; Zepertix-
Vendicta's Revenge

Please note that the Player Gallery competitions will be put on hold temporarily, there is currently no platform for us to showcase our fan art and talented community and we need a little time to work on this. As soon as we host more competitions you'll see them posted on the Events and Competitions forum and promoted on our social channels.

I will look at posting more of the entries of the entries over the next week, I'm sorry we couldn't showcase them all but we will be sharing them. :)

Winners will be contacted via RuneScape inbox next week. Thanks everyone!

EDIT: Typing issues, as normal #ClearlyFriday (Thanks Helring)
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I feel like this community is getting better over the years in terms of artwork. I mean, it's neat to admire content that looks like something for a movie trailer :P. Yet, there's still some nostalgic flare and something to be said for the drawings done in like crayon and outlined in colored pencil by someone without a computer that portrays that one epic KQ fight or that drawing of a slayer master with the un-proportional nose.

Not pewping on any content, just missing what I used to view these galleries for. I mean, anyone can photoshop - even me. Le sigh.

Ayech's stood out the most to me - good job; nicely done free-hand!

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Mod Jd

Mod Jd

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Amazing stuff from everyone. Mod Neena asked us to narrow it down to 3 finalists, and I couldn't narrow it down to less than 11, such was the quality.

You've all outdone yourselves! :)
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Wow...they all look so amazing.

Congrats to all the winners!


I wish I could make something that good. :|
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