Double XP & Game Jam | 17/2

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In case you missed it in in the Year Ahead BTS, the next Double XP Weekend hits at 12:00 UTC on the 17th of February!

Start preparing yourself for a weekend of skill training, monster slaying delight right now – gather mats and gear to make the most of the +100% XP boost on offer to RuneScape members.

Full details of Double XP Weekend are available on the website.

Game Jam | See Your Ideas Being Made

That’s right – while you guys are enjoying the XP mayhem, we’ll be live streaming a weekend-long RuneScape game jam.

As well as working on their own passion projects, our devs will also be picking up the very best of your ideas and building them before your very eyes.

If you’ve got a top-notch RuneScape content idea that you’d like to see made, please post on our forum or Reddit threads for your chance.

Are You Ready?

Start preparing now to make the most of Double XP, and keep an eye out for details of the live stream in the coming weeks.

See you there!

The RuneScape Team

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Hope everyone has good gains over the weekend. Disappointed to see restrictions on some things still for double xp weekend, but other that pretty much same as previous times. Best wishes to all.
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