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Why no extremes/overloads?
you said:
"Following player feedback, we have decided that the new Herblore potions are having too much of an effect on PVP combat. Considering that making them requires a high level in a non-combat skill, players felt they had to increase their Herblore level to be able to make these potions, before they could effectively fight players of a similar combat level to themselves. It was not our intention to suddenly make PVP gameplay less accessible for the majority of players who had previously been enjoying it."
1: If the problem is it is gained from a high level at a non-combat skill, Chaotic fits that.
2: Players thought they needed to raise herblore to fight players of the same level. Same can be said for dungeoneering.
3: ext/ovls make pking less accessible for the majority of players who had previously been enjoying it? They are not any harder to get then vengeance, chaotic, or turmoil.
4: Chaotic had a greater effect on pvp then ext/ovls.
5: Weapons, armor, food, potions, and summoning pouches are tools of combat. Why are potions the only tools that are restricted? The best weapons, shields, and food are all untradeables that come from training non-combat skills. (chaotic & JuJu gumbo)
6: chaotic is okay because of the combat level requirement? then make it so that if while you are in the wild and your combat level is not >/= the required herblore to make the potion, then the effect is reduced to the level of supers.
7: the boost is unfair because it is invisible?
yet you are going to make summoning not effect combat level, but have the potential increase displayed after a +? You can't add an "H90" to warn people the might have overloads?
8: they make it to easy to 1hit-ko? do 1 or more:
a) add cheap lp increasing armor.
b) let us add an lp boost to existing armor
c) give us a quest reward that adds lp (ex. lp becomes 15x con. 99 gives 1485lp)
9. banning high level content from pvp is the laziest solution, not the best.

22-Jan-2011 14:58:46

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