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Hi guys, I have a few questions. :)
Is it true that when you're in the new wilderness, if you're attacking a Green Dragon, for example, that another player can then attack you, like a rev used to be able to do?
It said on the F.A.Q that the banker Maximillius *something, oops :P* would be removed from the wilderness. Does this mean the part he used to be would *not* be a safe spot? - And does this mean there will be no safe spots in the wilderness?
On the F.A.Q it said that you will be moving minigames from the wilderness e.g. Stealing Creation to "Gamers' corner", will it only contain the minigames from the wilderness or do you plan on putting future minigames there?
Regarding the relocation of the revenants... Will you be making them any harder than they currently are? And have you decided on drop rates of brawlers/statuettes etc. yet? (Though i'm presuming it will be rare drops for brawlers).
I noticed on the f.a.q that if you drop an item when free trade is back, it will be visible to everyone *immediately*. I'm sure it took 3-5 minutes before to become visible when you dropped something. Is there any reason for the change?
Why are you not allowing extremes into the wilderness? Do you plan on introducing them later on?

Thanks Mark. :)

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