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Hey J-guys,
First of all, thanks for returning old wild and free trade!
I have some questions though.
1) Why did you ban extremes?
Old wild was about no rules or limits.
If you think "Herblore is a non-combat skill" then I think you should also ban chaotic weapons, curses, korasi's sword, most dragon weapons, ancient magicks, lunar magics and I could continue this list for a while, for requiring non-combat skills or quests which aren't combat-related.
If you think "Extremes are overpowered" then I'd like to counter this argument by saying that extremes vs rune with soaking has a LOWER max hit than supers on rune before soaking, so this really isn't true.
I'd really love to use extremes in the wilderness.
@Fetzky, if you read this again:
If someone uses a chaotic maul/korasi's sword for KO but wears a dscim/staff (when hybriding) before, you can't see that maul/sword before either. That's basically the same. You also can't see if someone is on curses, unless he has an overhead prayer active. Same goes for vengeance, etc. etc. etc. One could always use the hiscores anyway.
2) Gravestones & bosses.
Many bosses teams are created using the "Teamwork" forums. You often don't know the people, and if you'd die they most likely won't bless grave if they can loot your items if they won't.
Therefore I suggest doing what you were planning to do all over Gielinor EXCEPT for GWD boss rooms, GWD Zaros zone and possibly other bosses, in which it should be kept as it is right now.
Thanks again for restoring RS to its former glory.
The Slayer.
Edit: #1 lol.

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