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Hello Jagex moderators, first of all i'd like to thank you for bringing the Old Wild Mechanics back, it will certainly be an awesome update :). i have some questions about it, tought.
1) On Mod Mark cc he stated "The old pjing system of 2006 is comming back"
What does that means? You will be able to interrupt people at any time of an fight? Because that'd be really not fair these days where we have Dragon Claws, Korasi swords, and a lot of other "1-Hitting" weapons. The current PJing system works quite good (10 secs out of fight to be able to interrupt, magers cant be attacked while farcasting), and i hope you're not removing it.
2) Brawling gloves - will they work just as now (1,5x exp outside of the wilderness, 4x exp inside) or will they be changed? Because i really want to know if i should use my prayer brawlers along with my gilded altar before the update :P
3) Some time ago (i think it was on the constitution update), there was a change on the vengeance spell, i dont even think jagex knows about this, but back in the old wildy if you killed someone who was venged, the spell wouldnt hit. Now if you kill that person the vengeance spell WILL hit, meaning that a lot of "double kills" (Both fighters die at the same time) happens, especially with people using Dharok's, as you need an low hp to get good hits. Could you fix this? It wasnt there on the old wildy so i think its fair if you could fix it.
4) Why are you keeping statuettes as revenant drops instead of just turning them into cash on 1st feb? They are really bad for the economy (a lot of money comes from nothing)
5) You've stated some untradables will vanish, some won't - im most interested in the non-degradeable dungeoneering rewards like sighted longbows, arcane necklaces and the ring of vigour - will we get to keep those?

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