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1)If I help my friend giving him amounts of cash and some equipments, will that be considered as RWT? Considering Jagex doesn't know if you had IRL money for the eq/cash.
2)How JaGeX will define what is RWT and what is gift? Can't know if you were paid for it or not!
3)How can we prevent doing RWT instead of gift? Limit of giving away large amount of cash, maybe? You can't know if we got paid for the huge amount of cash!
4)If someone is quitting and giving away all of its stuff, how JaGeX will punish the receiver and the quitter, if considered as RWT, and not gift? Since you don't know if you got paid for the 'rage quitted itens'.
gonna add more questions in time.

22-Jan-2011 14:58:44

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