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Player Moderators

The purpose of this post is to answer some of the common questions surrounding Player Moderators in game and on the forums.

Player Moderators

Firstly, I’d like to say that we are extremely proud of the RuneScape community. We have many talented and creative people working hard to make sure we reflect the wishes of the community and maintain a strong relationship with you all. However, it is not possible to be everywhere and see everything all the time.

Over the years, Jagex has identified players around the community that capture the spirit of the game and promote the values we care about most. In 2004 when Player Moderators were first chosen they were selected to help the team out by moderating the game, making sure rules weren't broken and promoting a positive atmosphere, acting as pillars of the community.

As time has passed, Player Moderators have been selected for different reasons. Our tools and systems for moderating the game have adapted and evolved to meet the demand. As such, there have been changes in our approach and the direction of Player Moderation towards promoting fair play and positive sentiment rather than being the “police” of RuneScape.

Some questions that often arise:

How many Player Moderators are there?

We currently have around 2000 Player Moderators, across all time-zones.

How often do you recruit Player Moderators?

There is no specific schedule for recruiting P-Mods. This is an ongoing process that happens about once a month.

Are there different kinds of Player Moderators?

While there used to be a split between community and moderation focused PMods, these roles have now been combined into a single PMod role. We also have a team within the P-Mods known as the Mentors.

What is a P-Mod Mentor?

The P-Mod Mentors are an experienced group P-Mods who have been chosen to help guide newer P-Mods. We work with them on processes such as recruitment and communicating changes to the other P-Mods. They are highly active within the community, in and out of game and we are lucky to have them!

Forum Moderators

We also have Forum Moderators who do exactly as the name implies – moderate the Forums! You can find out more about Forum Moderators here.

Can players be both a P-Mod and an F-Mod?

Yes, we have dual moderators.

Can I report Player Moderators?

Yes – if you see a P-Mod breaking the rules or behaving in an un-modly manner, please report them as you would a normal player.

What benefits do Player Moderators receive?

Player moderators receive a silver crown next to their chat in game which can be used to recognise them. They also receive access to a P-Mod exclusive section of the forums to share and discuss ideas or organise events. To be clear, P-Mods are volunteers and do not receive any benefits in terms of membership or in game wealth.

How can I become a Player Moderator?

There is no way to apply to become a Player Moderator. Anyone offering this in or out of game should be reported immediately.

Lists of accounts are taken for consideration based on internal checks, offences and evidence of correct reporting. We also check against time-zones based on where we are aiming to increase P-Mod presence.

So what is it you actually look for when recruiting?

Below is a run-down of the stages for P-Mod recruitment:

1st Stage - Initial Thoughts
We look for friendly, helpful players with secure accounts that appear to be a good fit for the P-Mod team with these qualities:

- Patience
- Understanding
- Maturity
- The ability to communicate effectively with other P-Mods and players
- Well considered and constructive posts/comments
- Friendliness
- Approachability
- Activity within the community

2nd Stage – Account Checks

We run a series of checks from account security, in-game behaviour and the kind of reports that are made. Do you have the RuneScape Authenticator? Have you ever seriously broken the rules etc...

3rd Stage - The Invite

If you pass all the checks and we feel you’d be a good fit to join the P-Mod team, we'll send an invite via your RuneScape inbox. Once accepted, you'll get to work with the P-Mod Mentors until we’re happy for you to use the P-Mod tools such as the option to mute.

I have offences, does this affect my chances of being a Player Moderator?

No, not always. Unless the offences are particularly serious, we give everyone a chance. We understand that people change and mature over time.

What happens when you select someone who doesn’t behave the way a P-Mod is supposed to?

Depending on the severity of the situation (we'll usually monitor it) we'll contact the P-Mod and let them know how their actions are coming across. If we don't see a change in their behaviour their Player Moderator status will be removed and the reasons explained to them. More concerning behaviour will have stronger consequences.

I have a maxed account, when can I be a P-Mod?

Being offered Player Moderator status is not something you achieve this way. Although game knowledge and experience is important, the qualities listed above are what we're looking for. We want Player Moderators that work well with us, other P-Mods and the community to make the game and environment better.

What happens when a P-Mod gets their full P-Mod responsibilities?

A new P-Mod will be monitored for the first three months. We'll check their reports, in-game behaviour as well as social and forum posts. They can ask P-Mod Mentors questions and they'll get all the help they need. Once a P-Mod has shown they're ready to take on full responsibility, they will be granted the ability to temporarily mute other players in game.

Hopefully this will help answer a lot of the questions we get asked surrounding Player Moderators. As and when any changes are made, this thread will be updated in response.

Thanks for reading!
Mod Gambit

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