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Mod Cam

Mod Cam

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Hi everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to introduce ‘Keywords’, who among other things will be helping the community management team deliver a better forum experience. Keywords already works with player support and localisation, and is going to help us make the forums great again!

This means that we will have new JMods whose focus is forum engagement and moderation, collecting feedback and helping us with day-to-day projects. They will also be providing cover that the previous LMods couldn’t, such as forum moderation review, ban appeals and escalations. This will make the forums a better place and free up some time for the internal Community Management team to focus on other things.

We’re really excited to be working with this team, and the new Local Moderators who have a wealth of RuneScape experience. They will introduce themselves soon, so please give them a warm welcome!

They’re currently using LMods accounts, but this will change next week once we can get them fully set up.

Mod Cam

07-Sep-2018 16:48:20

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Thanks, Cam. And of course welcome aboard to the new folks. :)

@Cam - What can you say to reassure the forum community that this time the system will work? I don't mean to sound pessimistic but what changes will there be put into place to ensure that the new folks have the right tools that they need this time around?
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07-Sep-2018 18:09:28

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Ok, that confirms that the previous LMods will be given full Jmod accounts. Thank you.

Nice to hear an update from you guys, as the issue discussing the thread asking about the absence of LMods was hidden in Website & Forum section.

07-Sep-2018 18:59:18

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