Tuesday - Monetisation Q&A

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I don't mind MTX either - I think it's fun and when you open something special it can make your day - you tell your clannies and post about it in general forums chat - it can be a big deal :)

I just think maybe put the limit down on how many you can purchase a day, week and month, as it sounds like a lot of players can spend an extraordinary amount of money on it which I think is just ludicrous - you don't know if their family are suffering because of this - it can become a form of gambling which can destroy peoples lives <- this is my only concern.

- The new divine rocks seem to be very extravagant to make even the lower end ones - you certainly don't get your money's worth back at the end <- why do these divine rocks give minimum amounts of rock compared to other ores?? What is so special about them? Why so many ores to make them with so little return??
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04-Nov-2019 14:59:06

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What's your strategy? Quick buck and burn through MTXs and increases to 120s that are then to be easier to get than the old 99s? Make a game that people will spend loads on for a year and then move on?

Cater to different groups and have different games on the same platform (not in the tech sense) that play slightly differently?

Recover the cost of buying the game and then expand it into other markets e.g. ... places where a cheap version of the game might sell well?

Employ too many people, fail to expand as a games manufacturer and hope to eke out another 2-3 years then introduce a new platform to a new player base and finally give up the ghost?

Sell more MTX to mobile players so they get the benefit of playing without playing but can quickly drop in on their phone while doing 10 other useless activities and then knock out the odd bad quest for the rest of us?

Move content development abroad and watch the standard of English and programming increase while costs decrease? Everything will be pink.

04-Nov-2019 18:13:43

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1- With the lack of any significant updates in recent months, how are you justifying the need for MTX to be in the game?

2- Will we see any cut back on the amount of Free Xp given in MTX promotions?

3- Why as a community should we trust anything you say to us? In the past promises have been said and yet nothing was done to keep them. Are you going to be different?

4- If MTX is going to stay, what type of Promotions are you going to do?
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05-Nov-2019 02:18:42

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I watched the livestream.

The only thing I'm a little disappointed about is they did not directly address buying gp or xp, because I think that's what everyone's concern is. Other than that, I support what they were talking about with merging all the stores and simplifying the MTX system. I think if everything was merged, it would be easier to address the big issues.

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Runefest they said 66% income comes from membership and 33% from mtx but yesterday you said its 50/50 so which is it? If EOC did not make 50% of the player base quit you would not have needed mtx to make up the income.

Your opinion yesterday was non mtx only worlds would be boring with no customization so how about making a poll and see what the players want? You would still be able to have earned pets and overrides just not the pay to win crap.

Removing rng from TH so you can pick what you want, so it can not be classed as gambling in the future is a cleaver idea so you get points for that.

The reason Runescape was always very popular was because everyone had a equal playing field and no one had any advantage. Yes I know some players was buying gp even from the days of classic but you could have dealt with that harder. Keep the cosmetics and even bonds because there will always be buyers/sellers of gp but selling xp was a bad idea..

06-Nov-2019 15:42:50

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