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Mod Kari

Mod Kari

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This is loooong overdue but I've finally found the time to make an introduction post! Huzzah!

As the title suggests, I'm
Mod Kari
, a new(ish) Community Manager covering RuneScape here at Jagex!

I should probably start with a confession. I'm not a seasoned pro at RuneScape. In fact, I only started playing properly last year. That said though I have been a long time fan of the game and the studio for as long as I can remember, with RuneScape actually being one of the first games I tried to play back in the early noughties before realising that it needed a more stable connection than I had back in the day.

That's because growing up on a farm in the middle of the British countryside made gaming very difficult. Without a decent connection I was forced to settle with console games, which admittedly fuelled a passionate love for Pokemon and Mario, two franchises I still hold very dear to this day.

Fast forward to today, where I'm not using smoke signals to communicate, and RuneScape is finally eating up my free time. When I'm not making the most of War's Retreat I can usually be found cruising around Los Santos or slaughtering the innocent creatures of Galar in a bid to complete my Premier Ball shiny living dex (currently at 268/890).

What do I do outside of video games? Well I'm addicted to tabletop games, especially Dungeons & Dragons. My Mod name is actually an abbreviation of one of my most beloved characters, a ruthless Tabaxi archer called
. Ahh the stories I could tell you about that cruel kitty...

To clarify, I'm not actually all that cruel and ruthless. Well, not all the time at least... :P

I should probably stop waffling and actually do some work now, but I'll be hanging around the forums all day today, so don't be afraid to reach out for more trivia or to just say hi!

Have an awesome day!

~Mod Kari
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03-Mar-2020 11:13:49

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Hey there Mod Kari,

It's great to meet you and we look forward to having you around the forums any day! Having a JMod who is willing to take the forums under their wing is much needed. The F & CM mods do a great job here at keeping things running smoothly, and if there's a way to increase the JMod engagement in the RSOF, the community would certainly take notice.

If you need to send us smoke signals, just make sure you post an interpretation guide somewhere as I never did become fluent in them. :P

Thanks again for posting this for us here, and we'll see you around the forums!

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03-Mar-2020 16:11:06

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A belated welcome to you :P Was nice to meet you in person a couple weeks back during a Jagex HQ visit. ^_^

Hope to see you on the forums a lot more than past CM goldies. ;)
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03-Mar-2020 19:33:36

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Oh wow I just checked the date, this is recent!

Good to see new mods joining the Jagex team(then again, I'm just now getting acquainted with the forums), I'm really excited now to see what new content is in store for us :D

Welcome Mod Kari! :)

Maybe we'll get the chance to meet in game sometime! :P

03-Mar-2020 22:24:46

Raw Lobbs
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Raw Lobbs

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Hey Kari!

Welcome aboard, great to see you around :)
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03-Mar-2020 23:14:55

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