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Hey all,

2021 so far has been a crazy year, with Covid continuing to disrupt our daily lives, the Login Lockout situation interfering with a bunch of things as well as RuneScape and OldSchool continuing to deliver regular content updates that have taken more and more of our attention lately.

Because of this and against our intentions, the last Forum Moderation Review thread fell by the wayside, going several months between reviews. At the time of writing there's almost half a year of concerns that haven't been responded to, far more than it's reasonable to tackle right now. Especially considering many concerns have since been addressed by our amazing F-Mod team or the situation has changed enough that the original post is now confused or obsolete.

While it's not the situation any of us wanted to find ourselves in, it's the one we're now facing. To make it right, I'm remaking this thread and will set aside time more regularly to keep on top of it. Tomorrow I'll take the time to reply to the most recent threads on the old Forum Moderation Review thread, but if you've got an outstanding concern that's not replied to and you feel still needs attention, please feel free to repost it here for re-consideration.

Thank you all for understanding and an especially big thank you to the F-Mods who've kept things running while myself and the rest of CM have had to direct attention elsewhere.

- Mod Kari

The same rules apply as before. If you post on this thread regarding account help, personal disputes or rants it will be considered misuse of Community Management time. You might therefore receive account penalties.

What is Forum Moderation Review?

Forum Moderation review is a thread for you to flag the actions of a
Forum Moderator
to members of the Jagex Community Management Team, should you feel that they have acted inappropriately or in poor-taste.

You must not post here about receiving a Forum Mute as we review each one manually when they are applied, if you are still muted by a
Forum Moderator,
it usually means we agree with the action taken. However, there have been instances where we feel that the
Forum Moderators'
action was too lenient, and we apply a harsher mute or ban from our-side.

What can this thread not be used for?

XDisputing a Forum Mute - Forum mutes are reviewed automatically by Jagex staff, as said above.

XReport forum rule breaking - Use 'Forum Help'.

XAccount help and support - Contact Customer Support here.

XDiscussing in-game content - Use the correct designated Forums for the content.

XDiscussing other members of the Forum Community - This thread is not to be used as personal rants forum, nor is it to be used as a way to attack and blame other active members of the forums.
Jagex staff members
are not here to be a forum police force.

XReporting harassment or death threats via the Forums - If you believe this to be serious, we urge you to contact your local law enforcement. We actively work closely with the law enforcement agencies around the world, and we will fully co-operate with any official investigation.

Once again, if you are considered to be using this thread inappropriately, we can apply sanctions where we feel and see fit, including in-game penalties and forum bans.

What can this thread be used for?

This thread can be used
for the following:

Forum Moderator complaints
ľ if you feel a
Forum Moderator
has acted inappropriately or misused their power.


Please use the following template for reports:

Original message details are unavailable.
Quick Find Code:
Forum Moderator involved:
Summary of issue:
Action you believe should be taken:


As you might have spotted, there's a small addition to the usual template. You're now invited to suggest what action you believe should be taken in response to your report.

It should go without saying however that final decisions regarding potential action will be made by the Community Management team, decided upon and taken at their discretion.

All posts made on this topic are automatically hidden and are viewable to
Jagex Moderators

If appropriate, you may receive a follow up in-game inbox message when you submit a report, so check your game message centre regularly. Otherwise you can expect a public response to your concerns in a post at the end of this thread.

Posting on this thread
does not
guarantee a response, but all reports will be reviewed and any necessary action will be taken. Posts which don't use the above form risk having their
review delayed or not done at all

Please note all decisions are final - subsequent replies to a
Jagex Moderator
review may be ignored.


Mod Kari & The RuneScape Community Management Team
Community Manager

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