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I've already voted in the poll, but I do have a couple of concerns. If they have been answered already, I apologize for not thoroughly sifting through the rest of the posts.
1) Would voice chat be monitored in some way?
We can report players for offensive language, and the reports go to you all. However, would we be able to report another player for verbally being offensive to another player? If so, does that mean our conversations would be recorded for Jagex moderators to sift through as necessary?
2) Cost.
I noticed that you have neglected to mention the costs of such a feature. It could be free to all (doubtful), free to players who purchase membership (possible, but no longer free), or useable after purchasing the rights to use the feature. Another option, which I dread, is an increase in membership by x amount of money to cover the cost of the program, and that would allow the feature to be accessible to all accounts that have membership.
Maybe there is another option I have not considered, but if it does cost us something, I believe it would be easier and more efficient for us to continue using free programs, such as Skype or instant messengers.
Is this just in the planning stages at this point, or can someone answer these?

04-Mar-2011 02:13:23

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