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Celeste Afro

Celeste Afro

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"Excuse me, i'd like to "axe" you a question."

"Puts the paper towel lumberjack to shame..."
"It takes a real man to chop trees with a battle axe"
"and you too can looks like this when you get 99 woodcutting on runescape"
"see this face? this face says...' the earth!'"
"My axe represents Jagex, this tree represents cheaters. Get the point?"
"Lumberjack? no no...Captain Jack"
"you may think he's after the tree, but he's about to do some serious damage to that car back there"
"this the best axe ever made."
"Careful Captain, you might summon an evil tree"
"can anyone else honestly say that they wouldn't feel silly while posing for this? Just take a second of your time to take this picture and add your own serious face over his and you'll see you just look quite silly!"
"in an attempt to update the woodcutting animation, Mod captain volunteered to do a real life example"
"It's ok kitten, Captain is here to save you"
"Wait...isn't Captain planet against cutting trees?"
"how'd he get this face so serious? he thought about cheaters"
"I'm giving it all she's got captain!"
Best of luck to all :)
All edits were made before june 24th :)

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