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NexOrigin said:
When Mark Gerhard took position of CTO of Jagex, he noted how secure the internal servers were in comparison to what he had been previously working with (banking servers, etc).

Keep in mind, Mark was one of the founders of The Ministry of Data, and worked with quite a few highly secure systems before joining Jagex.

This is a quote from way back when he first took position as Jagex CTO:

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I heard about the vacancy for a CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at Jagex, but I was also looking at other roles around that time. I tried the game to better understand what Jagex did and was really impressed with the technology and game – the more I found out about Jagex like the platform, proprietary in-house tools, languages and systems, the more I was intrigued. I had a 3 hour interview with Andrew [Gower] which ended up being a being an in-depth IT Security debate and suffice to say I was blown away to learn that Jagex’s approach to IT Security was more rigorous than some of the banks I had consulted for or even the lottery systems we had architected. I instantly realised this was an incredible company with so many high calibre staff at the very cutting edge of so many technology fronts - I just simply had to work for Jagex.

Oh wow, this is really interesting, thanks for digging up this quote!
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