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When using the Runescape website some areas such as the forums/solomans store and sub forums are incompatible with using larger text size. Fix this so larger text is accessible throughout the website, otherwise you limit and ruin experience for people with visual impairments.
The link is an example of what i mean!
(same post also on rants)
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27-Feb-2019 20:01:15

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Unfortunately without making the website responsive, this will continue to be an issue.

When we finally do get round to making more parts of the website responsive, this'll solve itself.
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28-Feb-2019 09:03:59

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Hi Series,

If you're having issues with Chrome for text sizes, try tapping the ( Ctrl and + ) key at the same time to increase the size without making text fit in an odd way, you will however need to reduce the preset text size for this to work as it kind of works like zooming in.

Hope this helps,
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28-Feb-2019 10:00:08

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