What is flamming?

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Etienne II
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Etienne II

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Good day,

Lately, I've spent a descent amount of time on the forums and I've started to notice that a fair amount of posts get hidden for flaming other.

This worries me as I have no clue of what flaming is and even though I'm trying to stay as friendly as I can with my posts I would like to know what it is before I find out by myself that I've be inconsistently doing it for years.

I've tried to search on the resources available on this website to get a better idea but I didn't find any example or precise definition that would give me a good idea of what flaming is.

Could anyone help me?
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09-May-2019 23:27:29

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Flaming is insulting another user, or targeting them with abuse.

Easily avoided by not posting personal remarks, and by reacting to people's ideas, not to them personally or their personalities.

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10-May-2019 05:19:37

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