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Does anyone have any idea why I suddenly can't post replies/new threads on my ironman (Iron Robsham)?

I can log into the account fine, the highlight post button is there under posts, but the reply and quote buttons are gone, along with the new thread button.

I would have posted this in tech help, but this looks like I could have been banned from posting by a mod? I don't really know what it would look like if I had been forum banned, but I can still post fine on this account, which makes me further questions whether it's a tech issue?

If it is a ban, why? I haven't posted anything that should receive punishment (only 2 posts in the last 4 days), and I certainly haven't had any responses from a mod saying that I've been punished?

28-Feb-2019 15:01:01

Iron Robsham
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Iron Robsham

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I'd already tried reloging a bunch of times to no avail when I made this thread. The problem persisted for about an hour, however it appears to have fixed itself now, so I guess I just needed to be a little more patient. Thanks for your reply, and sorry for wasting your time. :) We must smash the iron ceiling and end the oppressive maintriarchy.

28-Feb-2019 15:29:44

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