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Looks nice.

I like how you can hide expired and quashed offences, but also choose to view them if needed (which allows keeping an audit trail).

To add to the above Expired/Quashed.... Is that only for active offences where it displays? Or if an appeal was accepted due to hijack or whatnot, would it also get hidden unless checked if the offence no longer affects the account's status?
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I think it looks fantastic! The screenshot looks to be of a mobile friendly interface, if not directly a mobile screenshot.

Nice work!

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10-Oct-2018 17:09:32

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On the subject - Will there ever be a day we see offenses from like a decade ago removed from the history of the status, altogether? Feels a bit strange to be able to see something long ago expired with no impact whatsoever still on your account. Beneficially, what's the point? A reminder? Why?

Not expecting an answer. Just venting, really.

The new UI looks better - nice work.
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