The end of patch notes forum?

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This weeks patch notes were posted as a newspost as suppposed to the patch notes forum.

Is this the end of this forum subsection :-(

I would assume with Mod Shauny's departure this is the case...
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Why so sad? Navigating to the forum thread takes longer than reading the news post.

Shauny leaving is sad though, he seemed to be one of the jmods who truly cared.
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Moved to W&F... and I'll make some enquiries about the future of patch notes.
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CM Brandon said:
I can confirm that patch notes will continue to be posted after Mod Shauny's departure as the team will keep making a patch notes list regardless. :)
Thanks for the update, Brandon.

17-Oct-2019 16:27:11

Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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Of course there will be patch notes. The issue is posting them on the forum. Earlier this year they stated it takes a long time to fit the news post into a forum thread. And that took away from their efforts of collecting feedback. (presumably on reddit where people just post cartoon pictures)

But from our side, if they do not post a thread then we must explain in our own forum post what we are talking about. Rather than just copying the relevant part in the thread. That takes away from our efforts of playing the game. The people who say 'thanks' every week are not really helping the situation either.

I don't see why the actual posting has to fall on the one person responsible for collecting the feedback. With hundreds of employees they could give that task to just about anyone.

And if you think this is REALLY not an issue then why is there rarely a sticky post in recent updates? Beyond the fact that there are few actual new updates, there have been several that were worthy of a thread.

18-Oct-2019 12:08:54

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I miss the stickied threads we used to get in recent updates. :( I cannot see how copying the patch notes information into a text document then copy pasting it into a forum format would really take a lot of time. Writing the information in the first place is what takes the time. At least the patch notes thread used to give us an opportunity to give some feedback.
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