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How about making an option to send anyone who creates/responds on a forum post a message that someone replied to their post on the forums. Too often I see people comment on a post and have a response with a question and never respond. I think there's a disconnect with the person not being active on the forums. This would be a healthy update to the forums and would definitely drive more conversation. Like I said before, make it an OPTION for every user. Thoughts?

11-Mar-2019 09:37:54

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I've moved this over to a better suited section.

Also to let you know this has been suggested many many times over the last several years.

The Forums themselves are out of date for the 21st centuray and need a full make over. Maybe in time we will get 1 with lots of new toys and goodies to play with.
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11-Mar-2019 13:08:03

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^ Yep.

Why the forums have even yet to implement this feature to begin with is beyond me. You'd be surprised (well, probly' not) how far behind the RSOF lacks in about every regard. I'm not entirely sure if there's a department solely working on the RSOF; but if there isn't, maybe have the community team or social media put forth a little more focus on it.

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11-Mar-2019 17:07:21

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