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Long time no see!
I just wanted to leave a comment as I thought this was a great guide!


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Molly Weazly said:
Can this please be stickied?

Or can you have something dedicated to this subject?

We're not all computer geniuses.

Edited insult. =p

And don't tell me simply. I am simple. The internet is not. :@
i made it as simple and easy to follow as possible with nice step by step visual pictures to go from

on the note of it being stickied theres a few people that have made the same request a jmod did respond saying that it wont be, so its just a case of keeping it bumped so everyone can find it

Razor said:

Long time no see!
I just wanted to leave a comment as I thought this was a great guide!


thank you, hope your enjoying old school, your free to message me whenever you like :)
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Here is a guide on how to take a screenshot you can add to your post.

Note: This is a guide for players who are running Windows 10. If you have a different computer I won't be able to explain to you how to take a screenshot as I only have a Windows 10 computer.

Windows 10 has a neat feature that allows you to do the following. Create screenshots, record game play and broadcast yourself live.

So without further ado here is how to take a screenshot using the gamebar.

How to take a Screenshot.

Step 1: Hold and press at the same time (Win+Alt+Prt Scrn) (Note: On some keyboards the n on Scrn may not be there so it may look like Prt Scr).

If it ask you if it is a game or not simply say yes. You can do this even if you are not taking a picture of a game. For example if you are taking a picture of the forums.

Step 2: Open up File Explorer. Go to Videos > Captures > Your screenshot will be in this folder. The Title will be Runescape date and time taken.png.

After you have taken your screenshot you can continue with the rest of Werewolf's thread to get it displayed on the forums.

How to edit your printscreen shortcut.

You can also edit your keyboard shortcuts for taking screen shots. So if you don't want it to be (Win+Alt+Prt Scrn) simply go to Settings > Gaming > and edit the short cut for taking a screenshot. It is the second one down.

The code has to start with either Alt, Ctrl or Shift. The second key can be any key on your keyboard. However some keys will not work.

Examples of non working shortcuts: Shift + (F6, F10, Pause/Break and Delete.)

All letters and numbers will work.

Once you have chosen your new keyboard shortcut simply scroll down and Click on Save.

Now when ever you press the two buttons you have chosen you will take a screenshot.

Thank you Werewolf for this guide on how to display images on the forums.
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