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Case in point: this thread posted just earlier today.

All these misplacing of threads happen on a daily basis!

Split up the Rants forums, move General to the Runescape Game group, rename 'General' to 'RS3 General', do something, Jagex!
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12-Dec-2018 12:03:54



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Bent Truth said:
Does Jagex even read feedback in the Rants forum? I thought Rants was the place for "those threads" where people are just letting off steam.

Then again, I don't frequent the Rants forum and could see how those who frequent it have stronger opinions about this. I'm just not sure I see the reason to spend the time to separate the forums if Jagex doesn't read feedback there in the first place.

They dont give a crap about their users. Especially f2p. They only want everyone to fall in line and do what they say or they will ban or mute you for unjustified reasons. No matter how much you plea or try to rationalize with them. Bunch of overlording fascist if you ask me.

12-Dec-2018 17:48:36

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CheezCurds said:
Why was the rants forum deleted? Also, my ' Justice Brett Kavanaugh' rant. Lol love you guys! Especially you Jack Flak.

First off rants wasn't deleted. It exists you just need to be logged into the forums to see it.

Secondly you had a response from a J-mod as to why you were muted and the forums aren't a place to appeal or rant about sanctions given to your accounts. Never mind the fact that the title of that thread had absolutely nothing to do with your thread.
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Thanks, Tranq! :) I figured out I wasn't logged in when I was searching for it. Sorry for trying to appeal it in a forum. I honestly couldn't find anywhere else to contact anybody about it. Is there a place to do that? Like a private forum or chat or something?

12-Dec-2018 20:13:54

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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Immortalized said:
that's why i made this thread to fix this issue

Yet there isnt any "issues".

I mean the forum rule clearly states that you can post about any version of rs.
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NonMax Jake

NonMax Jake

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Support, will be nice to fix the issue :) Only rancid, vile creatures call others rancid, vile creatures!
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13-Dec-2018 04:38:06

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Draco Burnz said:
Yet if you took time to just do some research youd know what ppl are talking about.

Thus nothing needs to be done.

Yes, of course you can figure it out, but the whole point would be to get rid of the possibility of confusion/time wasted on figuring out which game is being talked about. Once again, you're missing the entire point of this suggestion.
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13-Dec-2018 11:53:42

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