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27-Jul-2019 09:01:34

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Archaeox said:
I think there should be a complete set of separate OSRS forums, on the OSRS website.

I think some parts can remain under the same site, like off-topic, forum games, website and forums, community support.
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29-Jul-2019 16:39:53

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Are we ranting about rs3 or os? Because I only play os been playing since like 05 on and off. Anyways I got a hard clue and a master clue. Looked up how many steps are on a hard clue and I’m on the last for sure the first were easy enough. So the last one I had to do underground pass quest. I’ve never done it before. So the agility requirement is low. I’m double the requirement and I can’t do it. Like I’m raging. I broke my mouse I’ve spent four hours on the last part. Jumping and falling. Not to mention without a guide this quest would take days. Going in and out to get items you can’t get on the quest. It’s just a shit quest most of the direction of quest is shit but this takes the cake.
I do love the game just the questing aspect has always sucked to me personally.
They need to fix this quest and the obstacles to where they actually work when you have a high enough agility 33 on a level 15 obstacle should work every time.

03-Nov-2019 20:24:54

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