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Draco Burnz said:
^So you knew what the ban was as you were told.

Thnx for disproving your own statement.
That doesn't disprove anything but your ability to read and comprehend.

There was no warning, there was no explanation.

The explanation came at a later date, when inquired about on a different thread.

Nex 0rigin said:
I got banned from the forums for that,
without warning, with no explanation
. I mentioned this to Stevew on a different thread
at a later date
, when he was talking about how there was no need for forum ban appeals because all bans are automatically reviewed. The claim that it was a troll thread was only finally dismissed after I asked him how I had Mod Kipz on my friends list if they didn't exist. At that point, he apologized, admitted the ban was incorrect and should not have been issued, and that Mod Kipz appeared to be some kind of testing account at Jagex.

20-Mar-2019 16:17:33

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