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The only way you could ask is by asking for a specific clarification on rule / policy or action once, in Forum Help.

Otherwise, then it would be considered that the user simply doesn't understand the Terms, at which point they should stop using the Product. The Terms are written pretty clearly so as to protect the company (although not necessarily explicitly everywhere). The best case is to err on the side of caution and if you know your content was removed and suspect you know the reason as to why, then it should be assumed that you should not post that type of content again (as that defeats the purpose of / circumvents the moderation of content, Stopping of an account etc).

But yes Forum Help would be the place to go, once.

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Need an explanation or clarification?
- If you don't understand the action that was taken or not taken, you can ask for an explanation or clarification. Depending on the time and context, this will be done as promptly as it can be, but
please be patient.
However, you can only do this
once per issue
, if you continue to post, this will be considered
a misuse of this thread.

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19-Mar-2019 20:02:30

Nex 0rigin

Nex 0rigin

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Draco Burnz said:
Nex 0rigin said:
Would you like some examples?

Would you as you're the one who made the outrageous statement.
Sure, no problem.

So, when I first found out about Mod Kipz, I made a thread in the Compliments section of the forums asking about Mod Kipz, who they were, etc., and I aptly named it "I hear you like Mod Kipz".

I got banned from the forums for that, without warning, with no explanation. I mentioned this to Stevew on a different thread at a later date, when he was talking about how there was no need for forum ban appeals because all bans are automatically reviewed. The claim that it was a troll thread was only finally dismissed after I asked him how I had Mod Kipz on my friends list if they didn't exist. At that point, he apologized, admitted the ban was incorrect and should not have been issued, and that Mod Kipz appeared to be some kind of testing account at Jagex.

19-Mar-2019 23:51:28

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20-Mar-2019 02:36:33

Aqua Star

Aqua Star

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[#3CRJ0D6RE] said:
Here's the problem I see with forum bans.

There is no explanation of why a ban was issued. You don't get an inbox message. Nobody explains it to you. And you're not allowed to ask about it on the FMR thread.

Shouldn't there be something which explains why someone has received a forum ban? Even if it's just a temporary ban, someone at Jagex should be accountable for explaining why the ban was issued.

They message me sometimes. I don't find it helpful.
Now what's an unfun environment when you talk to people and see nonsense being said and stuff like that

20-Mar-2019 07:22:55

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20-Mar-2019 10:01:01

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