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Chief Elf said:
This may sound ridiculous but.. I've created this thread because I've been forced to question whether Jagex is moderating RSOF with full awareness of the Code of Conduct (COC).

Recently, I've received this reply from a particular Jmod:

It's abundantly clear that politics and religion are permissible on RSOFs as per the COC (please look at point 5);

In the first image, the Jmod expresses the opposite. He's not even arguing based on context. He's attempting to state a rule. A rule that had been changed ages ago.

Furthermore, politics and religion is as controversial as it goes. Are you saying that controversial topics, are not allowed on RSOF? Where is the line drawn? Well let me tell you Jagex, that the line was removed by your colleague in the past - we are able to maintain controversial topics provided its done with dignity and respect...
To be honest there's no difference between what is stated in the CoC and the answer that JMod gave you. There's nothing that is contradicting, the one thing that is an issue is that you have a totally different point of view and be very persistent in getting that around.
With a good amount of common sense both are the same worded the same. :)

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NexOrigin said:
Chief Elf said:
In this particular case, the rule is quite apparent - politics and religion are permissible. All of us are expected to know the rules, including the T&C. The rules aren't that long.
If we can do it, so can they.

Get rid of all the contradictory information about the rules.

What good does the Forum Offence thread do when it's 5 years out of date, and it's locked so that no one can respond with up to date and accurate information.

Either get rid of it, or update it. It just causes confusion. Perhaps Lee was using that as his basis for the rules? I dunno, but there's no point to the thread.
Using common sense prevents any individual from bumping into the Rules of RuneScape / Code of Conduct / Terms & Conditions thus getting into troubles, there's no need to remove anything nor a need to update. Just use common sense as there's no confusion to detect on either side.

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Chief Elf said:
2_Tron said:

It seems pretty apparent to me.

Individual: "We don't allow topics that are controversial like race, religion."
Code of Conduct: "Though politics and religion threads are now permitted."

.... If this thread had been worded more appropriately and sincerely and the discussion wasn't distasteful, this thread might have done some good for honoring other things... The moderation in general is consistent however. We don't allow topics that are controversial like race, religion, etc on these forums and this thread was treading on that controversial line. Like I said earlier, if the thread had been more appropriate and structured with good intentions - then there wouldn't have been any problems at all.

It still is a matter of common sense.
The difference explained between yours "don't" & "permitted".
Leniency ... asked many times by forum-users.

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