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Thank you! That's good to see them in their actual colours, rather than just their names. :) AKA: Arbr**** Vie (She with the unreasonably filtered name)

20-Mar-2013 17:02:30

Dark Hoogan
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thanks for this full list

now all we need are signatures

on another note which is the hardest to read?

Dark blue

Dark red



Medium Blue



I can only imgaine spammers writing a wall of text in caps using one of these colours. On my monitor indigo and medium blue are particularly annoying to read.

20-Mar-2013 17:32:55 - Last edited on 20-Mar-2013 17:41:45 by Dark Hoogan

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Nice thread - I've applied a little glue to keep it at the top of the forum at least for now whilst people get used to things. :)


Mod Chrisso

20-Mar-2013 17:34:12

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Another one for you, Innocentwolf:

The QFC code can be used to redirect to just a forum section as well. For example:

*qfc id=278-279]Website & Forums[/qfc] would bring you to the Website & Forums forum section. The manipulation for this of course would just be to take the first two sections of a Quick Find Code for the forum section you would like. :)

20-Mar-2013 17:44:03

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