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Hey there, hope you're doing well!

I'd like to suggest a notification system for the RS Official Forums if the user decides to follow a section of the forums or a particular thread that the user is following. I think this would be a great addition for a lot of the Community Helpers and Forum Moderators, to be notified of a new thread such as in the Account/Technical/Payment Help Section, so that there could be a faster response time if they are actively using the forums at the time of the notification. This would be helpful in general as well to the general public if there is a thread of interest and the user wants to be part of the discussion.

An app like "MenuTab for Facebook" but for the RS Official Forums could even be a step further, so that the user can stay online even when they are not actively on the forums, and a notification appears on their desktop if there is a new thread or response to the thread/post that the user is following.

Just thought I'd throw in my two cents, any feedback on the idea is welcomed.

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I don't like desktop notifications since they disrupt my work, but something akin to subscribing to threads and having a section on the forums where you can check new posts for subscribed threads since you last checked them would be nice.

07-Oct-2019 13:55:41

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