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Jun Member 2019


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Hi, So I recently made some posts in OldSchool suggestions, which then turned into somewhat of a useless rant across a various group of players. Although it is interesting to read their debates, it provides no values to the initial content. It would be nice if the following feature similar to StackOverflow/Reddit were available in the RS Forms.

* Users can upvote and downvote posts.
* User getting up vote gets points, and after certain points/levels, unlocks the ability to post in content update forms and other exclusive forms
* Player getting a downvote by posting offensive and useless comments, and after a certain amount will end up in probation.
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08-Oct-2019 03:23:32

Aug Member 2019


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People already abuse the downvote function on RS Reddit by also downvoting posts they disagree with instead of only downvoting posts that are off-topic, spam etc. So I don't really see it working as intended on the forums either.

08-Oct-2019 08:39:32

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