The Death Monkeighs ~EST 2004~

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Hello fellow Runescapians, we welcome you to join our clan. We're good, fun people. We boss, and do a fair amount of elite stuff.

We're EST.

If you think you want to try a clan, join us on our cc The Death Monkeighs, and let your ook ook out tonight :)

23-Oct-2018 05:34:52

Luther Nl
Sep Member 2018

Luther Nl

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Hi looking to join your clan was told about you guys by Sep 7. I will be hanging out in your guest chat for the time being.

»•» Over 9000! Nananas!1!Ook Ook!1! 8) ***

26-Nov-2018 01:10:09

Feb Member 2005


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Just offering my Monkeigh buds a free bump, is all.

For the oldies, Cimmy and I are still in touch with RefVengance- in person, even.

Now, if RS3 for mobile proves doable, I might be able to convince her to head back your way. Maybe. Long haul trucking demands long hours.

For the REALLY REALLY oldies, we're still in touch with Lady Sarafina. Extra brownie points for anyone that remembers her.

Enough time has passed that MAYBE you OSRS diehards have a chance of convincing her to return. We'll see.

08-Dec-2018 03:04:56

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