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So for the most part of my runescape experience it's been either solo or just a few of us and I kept to myself. However since Supremes convinced me to join, I have become more willing to engage in clan chat. It's really has been an absolute pleasure being in this clan for the best part of a year and genuinely looking forward to growing with you all over the next year (hopefully more years to come). You are all awesome, much love x

10-Aug-2019 15:33:21

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In the past I have never really been invested in clans, until joining the homewreckers. I’ve met some amazing people through the clan and got involved with some good xp wasting fun and found a new way to enjoy the game. A huge thank you to everyone in the clan, you’re all amazing. <3

11-Aug-2019 07:21:18

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As a wiseman once said,
"Lemme Google Ghandi"- Lepp
If you find yourself scroll thru the forums looking for a Amazing clan this is the place for you. We offer PVM, Skilling and if you find yourself in the market for amazing Ghandi quotes our "wise" leader will be more than happy to google one for you.
Runescape mobile please
RIP Darkscape

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