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As the Christmas holiday season approaches, we’re braving icy winds and frostbite to ensure this year’s Christmas is aura-some, with the Festive Aura!
Not only does this aura look cool as ice; activating it gives you an incredible bonus every single day of December: 30 minutes to rake in XP with a massive 50% boost!
Start the month with membership and you’ll get your hands on the aura on December 1st. Details of how you'll get the aura are coming soon. Join on any other day of the month and it’ll be yours the moment your membership starts!
What’s more, every Saturday and Sunday in December is a Winter Weekend, each featuring a hearty bonus for members, starting with this weekend - December 1st and 2nd - with double drops on bosses! There are five weekends in total, with members' bonuses including double Dungeoneering XP and double minigame rewards to come. Watch this space for further updates.
December is already set to be an incredible month with the launch of our Tzhaar Grandmaster Quest: The Brink of Extinction, Player-Owned Ports, plus our awesome Xmas 2012 Stray Dog event. To grab your aura - with its 50% XP boost every day in December - click here and become a member today.
Let the festive season begin!
The RuneScape Team
View the FAQ here.

29-Nov-2012 17:20:59

Oma Wim

Oma Wim

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Super nice update coming :) I love December!

~ JaGex please update the gravestone so you know in which world the grave is!
Why? Because when your screen freezes white and you die you don't know in what world the grave is.

29-Nov-2012 17:24:55 - Last edited on 29-Nov-2012 17:27:11 by Oma Wim

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Double minigame rewards eh?
Whats wrong? Did EoC put too much hurt on combat minigames? I mean theres only like 1 or 3 worlds these days that has an active game of Soul Wars at any given time.
And with the Void Armour nerf you pretty much killed off Pest Control and Conquest permanently.

29-Nov-2012 17:28:30



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I want 120 dung like everyone, but I'll probably boycott the double dung xp and probably the aura as well.
What you going to do when everyone quits because you gave them all 99's and they got bored? They aren't going to stick around for long if they haven't felt they have achieved anything.
Especially when there is so little end-game content to play.

29-Nov-2012 17:30:19

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