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Mod William

Mod William

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Next Friday evening at 8pm GMT, we’ll be holding our Christmas Live Stream Quiz. We’ve plucked six JMods from their desks and will be pitting them against each other through several rounds of dignity-reducing competition.

There'll be special guests, costumes, mince pies and plenty of opportunity to watch your favourite JMods squirm uncomfortably for your viewing pleasure. Throughout the stream, you’ll be able to vote for the JMod you’d like to see perform the final challenge. Of course, the JMods will be doing their best to avoid it.

I don’t want to give too much away, but one of the rounds will see the JMods doing their best to guess community opinions on certain topics. Before they can do that, of course, we need to gather those community opinions! To get involved, just click this link and complete the survey.

The Christmas Live Stream will be launching at 8pm GMT on our YouTube channel. Hope to see you there.

Paul M

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Dry Fast

Dry Fast

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Hmm so we get to pick our own challenges for the JMods?

Edit: Codes don't work apparently. ^( o )^ And I want to see a battle of the wits, maybe even a rap battle!

Cheers :J

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How many players did cryptic clue fest III
The percentage of those who voted for Eoc.
O.O that rhymes!

and name 10 runescape gods?

or something like: Christmas poems! the best poem wins. Maybe that game where you convert the obscure Christmas carol names into the more common one? like: Travel to the high place and relate it would be go tell it on the mountain

or all 6 have to go out on the streets and carol!!!! hahaha, would love to see that1!!one!!
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Guthix and bandos die.

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Test some of the mods on the RuneScape lore, anywhere from Penguins to Majharrat and Gods.

Which Mod can set up the best Christmas Tree layout.

Throwing darts at a dartboard with Yelps face on it. Eyes give 100 points!

Hide 'n Seek Jmod on RuneScape where they have to find you using hints.

One last thing is just having a good time spreading cheer throughout the livestream :D

Really can't think of anything else but those are some good starters.
So can we get a trimmed quest cape though?

14-Dec-2012 15:02:51

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whats up with the *** inb4? even got the mods saying it now. and we know everything they say is a lie

eoc sucks

soon to be hidden post

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@Mod Mike
No... no... Mod penguin you will probably end up in a polar bear suit or maybe just in a polar bear O_o How lucky do you feel?:D
of the Godless
safe, one world event at a time.

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u guys should think about adding bank space will all updates there is no room in bank even with a bank booster. u should of added more space with obsidian armor. my bank is always full i can never fit stuff in

14-Dec-2012 16:13:05

Mage Girl 91

Mage Girl 91

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I had a terribly difficult time picking my 3 favorite updates this year.
The first was easy, because it just happened.
The second was also an obvious choice.
The third, was horribly difficult because I didn't really like anything else. :(

Sailing skill or Trolling skill
Those are our only options? You couldn't make it a legitimate poll question asking for our real opinions, you either troll us by getting us to pick sailing, or troll ourselves by picking trolling?

I'm sure the 1 thing I would like to see in 2013 will never happen.

Why don't you ever actually consider our opinions on things that matter?
You only listen to us if it doesn't affect your already set in stone master plan.
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14-Dec-2012 16:15:22

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