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2013 is shaping up to be the biggest and best year ever for RuneScape: there'll be epic new quests, including the latest monumental Grandmaster level quest; two breathtaking new skills; fresh bosses galore; and a colossal update to RuneScape as it leaps into its next generation. These are just a taste of what’s coming next year - RuneScape members have never had it so good!

You really don’t want to miss out on any of the amazing members' updates that are coming up, so get ahead of the curve and give yourself a treat this Christmas – join the Premier Club!

To join, just take advantage of one of the three rewarding membership offers we have available for 2013: Gold, Silver or Bronze. Each gets you membership at a great price, and is packed with benefits and bonuses. The Gold package will land you around a 22% saving on membership compared to a monthly subscription, and includes everything here:

  • 12 months membership.

  • 10% discount on all items in Solomon’s General Store.

  • One extra daily spin on Squeal of Fortune for the whole year, in addition to the usual two enjoyed by members.

  • Priority access to any and all RuneScape closed betas in 2013.

  • A full set of Paladin Armour cosmetic overrides, with body and leg armour, boots, a helmet, a paladin blade and paladin shield.

  • 2000 Runecoins.

  • A range of special cosmetic items, such as the Ornate Katana, Green Skin, Turkey Hat, Barbed Bow, Flaming Skull, Scarecrow Mask and Lightning Pack.

  • Entry into a prize draw to win an all expenses paid trip for two to Jagex HQ in Cambridge, United Kingdom. *

  • A quarterly Premier Club newsletter, packed with information and offers.

*Terms and conditions apply

If you’re already a member, joining the Premier Club won’t cost you any membership days. Your existing membership will be paused, and when your Premier Club membership ends, your original membership will resume.

Entry to the Premier Club is open until Thursday, 31st January 2013. Don’t miss out on all of these amazing benefits – click here and join the Premier Club now!

Any questions? Be sure to check out our Premier Club FAQ.

The RuneScape Team

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WG Mojo
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WG Mojo

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I like the idea behind this, but this package isn't even cheaper for me. I'm still paying £3.20 for a total of £38.40 per year yet the gold package is £45 per year.

Are you going to give us loyal players a discount on this so it's actually cheaper for us or are you just making us pay more for these extra spins/coins/other benefits?

Thanks for your time.
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man, this is pathetic.

Shouldn't you be discussing how to get rid of the bots instead of looking for a way to get more money...

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K I R I T 0
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K I R I T 0

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I want to **y that 12 month package, then i see it can only be pay with credit card, how about if u can paybycash that?

Its not fair that only acepts payments with credit cards.

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Moe Is 4210

Moe Is 4210

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So basically if we can't commit to paying you a sum of money up front, we will be "disadvantaged", more so not be able to take part in closed beta's, etc etc?


What about for those of us who pay per month? I can't, and will not, lock myself in for multiple months at a time.

That being said, the deal itself is a good one. It's just not a good one for those of us who don't wish to buy a years worth of membership.

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