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Note - This FAQ is from the 2012-13 Premier Packs. Find the 2013-14 Premier pack FAQ here.

Are you a fan of free stuff? Looking to top up on membership?

Well, you’re going to need to clear some space for the mountain of loot coming your way!

From the 20th of December to the 31st of January, we’re unleashing epic membership packages that will not only get you access to all of RuneScape's best content at a great price, but will also leave you with awesome plunder coming out of your ears!

What do I get in the Premier Membership packages?

The packages come in three tasty flavours:

  • The Bronze Package: 3 months

  • The Silver Package: 6 months

  • The Gold Package: 12 months

Each membership pack will net you the membership shown above, along with juicy extras:


  • 10% discount in Solomon's General Store.

  • Paladin armour cosmetic overrides: body armour, leg armour and boots.


  • All of the extras from the Bronze tier.

  • 1 extra daily spin on the Squeal of Fortune (making three per day, in total)

  • 500 RuneCoins


  • All of the extras from the Bronze and Silver tiers.
  • 1500 RuneCoins, in addition to the 500 above - 2000 in total!
  • A range of cosmetic items, previously only available with game card purchases.
  • Additional Paladin Armour cosmetic overrides: helmet, sword and shield.
  • A chance to win a trip to Jagex HQ, in Cambridge, UK!
  • A quarterly Premium Members' newsletter.

10% Discount in Solomon's General Store:

All Packages!

Does what it says on the tin! All members have access to an awesome 10% discount for any item in Solomon’s Store.

Paladin Outfit:

All packages!

All three packages give you a chance to don the righteous Paladin Armour set of cosmetic overrides! This pack includes the following pieces:
  • Chest

  • Legs

  • Boots

Priority Access to all 2013 RuneScape Closed Betas:

Silver and Gold packages.

Be ahead of the pack and be the first to try out any and all Jagex RuneScape Beta events released in 2013! Just make sure you grab yourself a silver or gold package!

RuneCoin Pot:

Silver and Gold members.

Why not make the most of your 10% discount in Solomon’s Store with a generous helping of RuneCoins? 500 for a Silver member and a whopping 2000 for a Gold member!

Cosmetic Items:

Exclusive to Gold members

Due to a torrent of popular demand, if you grab the feature packed Gold Package, you’ll gain instant access to all of the following cosmetic items, previously only available via game cards:
  • Flaming Skull

  • Grand Lightning Pack

  • Scarecrow Mask

  • Barbed Bow

  • Ornate Katana

  • Turkey Hat

  • Green Skin

More Paladin Armour:

Exclusive to Gold members

All Gold members will complete this season's must-have righteous warrior look with these additional Paladin Armour set pieces:
  • Helmet

  • Sword (works with longswords and scimitars)

  • Shield

Trip to Jagex HQ: Prize Draw!

Exclusive to Gold members

The cherry on top of this incredible tower of delectable goodies, is the chance to come and visit Jagex Studios in person and see where the magic is made! Pick up a Gold Package to be entered in the draw, and prepare yourself for a rare insight into the Jagex Headquarters! The lucky winner’s name will be drawn in February, so keep your eyes peeled!

Quarterly Premium Members' Newsletter:

Exclusive to Gold members

This quarterly newsletter will let you in on exclusive offers and news.

Additional Information

How do I get my hands on these?

Simply head on over to the subscription page, and select either the Credit/Debit Card tab, the Pay by Cash tab, the paysafecard, or the PayPal tab to grab the package!

The Premier Membership packages are only available for a limited time - from the 20th of December to the 31st of January - so be sure to take advantage if you’re looking to top up!

Note that the Premier Membership packages are only available using the Credit/Debit Card and PayPal methods.

Update: Following player demand, Premier Membership packages can now also be purchased with the PayByCash and paysafecard methods.

What happens after the 12 months of Gold membership expire?

The 12 month membership option is only available as a one-off purchase through the Gold membership package. After the 12 months expire, you’re free to grab a 3 or 6 month regular membership subscription to keep the party going!

What happens to my existing membership?

Any game time you currently have available on your account is simply carried over to the end of the new membership added.
For example, if you have 3 weeks of membership time remaining when you purchase a package, after the Premier Member package game time expires, your membership renewal will simply be pushed back by the same 3 weeks. Simple!

Will I lose my grandfathered membership rate?
No! Your existing subscription is simply paused when you purchase a Premier Club package and will continue at the same price afterwards.

When will I have access to the 2013 betas?

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know closer to the time!

Picking up the Silver or Gold packages guarantees your place in any and all RuneScape betas we release in the coming year – simply keep an eye on your messages and notifications for further details as they arrive!

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