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Mod William

Mod William

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With news of the new-and-improved Fish Flingers Distraction & Diversion, Yelps has embarked on an underwater adventure. For one week only, Yelps will be sharing some of his deep sea treasure, including a tradable, rare fish mask. Plenty of fishy prizes await players who spin...the Squeal of Neptune!
For one week only, not only will the Squeal be sporting a new underwater theme, you’ll also be able to hook some piscine prizes that we have no trout you’ll enjoy.
The catch of the day - or rather week - will be the new, tradable fish mask, available to win as an Uncommon prize, before taking its place as a rare prize on the wheel throughout the summer months, similar to the Queen’s Guard uniform and the Ceremonial Dragon outfit. Be sure to catch this slippery item while you can!
Aside from looking completely awesome, the fish mask has several intriguing features. When equipped, your charmingly aquatic visage will mean you can fish for compliments from the very denizens of the sea you’re trying to catch. It also sports the ability to perform a bubble-blowing emote that is shore to amuse your fellow fishers.
If you do manage to bag a mask and you don’t fancy holding onto it yourself, you can always sell it on to someone more in-tuna with the ways of the fish!
Instead of several of the usual Common prizes, you’ll find a trawler-load of fish and fishing-related flotsam and jetsam over the course of the week, including:

  • Raw tuna

  • Raw swordfish

  • Seaweed

  • Oyster pearls

  • And much more!

We’re also offering you the chance to get your fins on some additional Fish Flingers tickets to play the newly improved Fish Flingers Distraction and Diversion!
Remember, the Squeal of Neptune is available for one week only and is an ideal opportunity to use your spins to maximise your catch. As members get 2 free spins every day instead of the usual 1, RuneScape membership is an excellent way to increase your chances of preventing this unique prize from being the one that got away!
Good luck!
The RuneScape Team

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Iced Earth
Feb Member 2009

Iced Earth

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Another SoF update -/- I'm getting abit board of this now...
EDIT: 1st
EDIT2: Another SoF update it seems, Im not being harsh or anything, but I, and thousands of other people are sick to death of these stupid SoF updates.. our feedback is not to add more stuff to the SoF, it is to REMOVE IT!
I hope jagex pays attention now...
Iced Earth \m/
Clan Leader for Destined Few

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Galahad Sir
Feb Member 2006

Galahad Sir

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Are you serious?
After all the talk we heard from Jagex about how it was unfair to give out tradable rares like go and make a *NEW* tradable rare and put it on the wheel of fail?
So now there is the equivalent of a party hat, that you can legally buy for irl money if you buy enough spins to make getting one inevitable?
Are you trying to break every rule and principle you ever had, Jagex?
I thought you couldn't possibly get any lower, but once again, you've proved me wrong!
Be quick reading this by the way people, as it's on the first page and doesn't agree with what Jagex are doing, I expect they will hide my post without giving any reason or indicating what non-existent rule it breaks.
EDIT: How long before they come out with some statement from Gerhard saying our concerns are "Simply not true!". Oh wait, it's already out, in the form of a SoN FAQ. Jagex knew this update is wrong, for all the reasons in that post, and yet they provide rubbish answers cos they don't give a flying fish about anything but short term profits any more.

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Galahad Sir
Feb Member 2006

Galahad Sir

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Why is this not in recent updates like the Royal costumes being added to the SoF?
Are you too ashamed and don't want people to know about this latest abomination?
Or are you too afraid of feedback from players whom you know will be against it?
Jagex, your recent direction disgusts me. IVP should hurry up and sell it back to someone who actually cares about the player base, fairness, and the long term future of the game.

06-Jun-2012 12:40:00

Heidly Ees
Jun Member 2023

Heidly Ees

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Oh just shut up with your SoF/SoN crap. No one likes it, no one asked for it. It's a cancer on this game, without a cure. It's spreading throughout the game, it's getting everywhere. We know you're desperate for money right now, but you could at least do it in a better way. Change the loyalty shop - remove beneficial auras, and give us the ability to buy the emotes and cosmetics with IRL money. THAT would be a far more acceptable way of bringing microtransactions into the game. I'm just a man; I'm not a hero.
Just a boy who had to sing this song.

06-Jun-2012 12:43:08

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