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Free Skypouncer Outfit!

Get your hands on this skypouncer-inspired outfit, free with red RuneScape pre-paid cards!

Purchase a red RuneScape pre-paid card from GameStop, EB Games or GAME and redeem it between 21st March and 30th April (inclusive) to bag yourself the exclusive skypouncer outfit: a spectacular set of cosmetic overrides that'll bring out the beast within!

Skypouncer Outfit

A great match with the skypouncer, this outfit retains all of the fearsome appeal that's so familiar to owners of the adult pet.

You can find our participating retailers in the following territories:

  • UK: GAME

  • USA: GameStop

  • Mainland EU & Republic of Ireland: GameStop

  • Canada, Australia & New Zealand: EB Games

Take a look at our store locator page to find your nearest retailer. If you don’t have a store nearby, don’t worry. Many of our participating retailers also run online stores. Be sure that it's a physical card being sent to you, though - e-vouchers won't get you the outfit.

Remember: this offer only lasts until the 30th of April, so be sure to grab your skypouncer outfit now. It’s also a great way to top up your RuneScape membership for the coming months (or top up your spins or runecoins, if you prefer), and you'll be getting an awesome set of cosmetic overrides for free!

Be sure to check out the Billing Support wiki for any further questions you might have about claiming your skypouncer outfit.

For general information on RuneScape pre-paid cards, head over to our FAQ.

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21-Mar-2013 18:05:00

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Already knew that this was in the game for like 7 hours, nice late news.

What i wanna know is when you release the BTS videos of this week that is more important than another promo item that you added with a special reason, right jagex cuz you only would release promo items in 2013 if they had a special meaning and / or content related thing.

It's just another money hungry thing.

List of what i wanna know more about and get MORE information about are the following things:

- HTML5 beta
- Easter Event
- Loyalty shop update (still waiting)

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21-Mar-2013 18:10:41 - Last edited on 21-Mar-2013 18:39:53 by Raptor

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21-Mar-2013 18:11:46



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Once again Jagex offers something only available through the purchase of a game card. This is becoming really annoying. Tell me why, as someone who signs up on an annual basis, would I want or need a monthly game card?

So once again, I am being screwed out of awesome free things because I decided to lay out a huge chunk of change to sign up for the year.

21-Mar-2013 18:24:12

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Not that I'm bitter or anything, but I wonder how long it'll take before this "exclusive" item is released in Soloman's General Store with improvements, thereby making the old one obsolete and ******* off more players that gave Jagex a chance by buying into their schemes.

I mean c'mon, I love ya Jagex, but you gotta stop ******** over your players, at least the ones that gave you a chance and bought all those promotional exclusives and tried some stuff out from Soloman's store, but it really hurts when those are the people affected, and ones who never bought into SGS never got hurt.

21-Mar-2013 18:27:20

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