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It may be a little way off, but on April 20th RuneScape Video makers are holding the 2013 RuneScape Gathering! This is a great chance to meet some of your favourite video makers. Past events have always managed to draw a huge crowd. Can this year's gathering top them all?


April Fools' Day saw plenty of funny articles from our Fansites, and here a couple of our favourites:

RuneHQ posted a funny look at a potential new skill...Bankstanding! They even included a handy guide explaining the basics.

Tip.It also announced a new skill, presenting an exclusive sneak peak at their April Fools', Exploration!

It wasn't all tricks and fools this week though. RuneZone announced that on the 9th April they will be hosting a live interview with our very own lore-master, Mod Osborne.

If you have any burning questions relating to RuneScape history and lore please post it on this thread over at the RuneZone forums and it could be asked live on air.

If you would like to get involved with producing articles for a Fansite, RuneScape Bits and Bytes have recently opened applications for a writing position. Check out their announcement thread for more info.

Community Creations

Would you like to smash some bosses, bag some sweet loot and help a charitable cause?

ScapeSkill is putting his boss battling stamina to the test in a 24 hour Live Stream to raise money for Breast Cancer Care UK. Everyone is welcome to join in, and you may even bump into some famous faces from around the RS community!

Looking for a catchy tune for your next drop-party? Ozzwald 07's remix of 'Sea Shanty 2' could be what you're looking for! We must warn you will be stuck in your head for days!

Last month we set the theme of 'The World Wakes', and were blown away by the amazing submissions we received! To check-out our favourites, head on over to the Players Gallery news post.

Last Tears of Guthix


We do hope you enjoyed our April Fools' video, alas we are sad to announce that we've had to cancel the musical after Daisy the cow was headhunted for a role in Les Miserables. We wish her the best of luck, and will certainly remember her amazing performance as we listen to The Cooks Assistant (Cake Mix) feat. Moltare and The Angels Of Loc!

You'll also find the lyrics here, so sing along!

That's all for this week. Be sure to check back next Thursday for more of the best from the RuneScape community!

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04-Apr-2013 18:55:02

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I definitely can't wait to be apart of the Runescape gathering. Maybe I'll even have my first 99 by then so I can wear a woodcutting cape to the gathering. :P

I'm interested to see how ScapeSkill's 24 hour stream goes. If I had any extra money laying around I would definitely donate to the cause.

Ozzwald nice Sea Shanty remix :) I think it may be stuck in my head for a few days nice. Really like the way you mixed it. :P

Yeah I knew the musical was the April Fool's you had created for this year. I must say it was believable until right before Daisy the cow made her appearance on the video.

Still can't believe I got first comment. :O

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I attended the RuneScape Gathering last year, and it was fairly enjoyable!

Maybe I'll come again :).


"...alas we are sad to announce that we've had to cancel the musical after Daisy the cow was headhunted for a role in Les Miserables."

NOOO (lol) :(!!!
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04-Apr-2013 19:28:37



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Speaking of the musical, was there a real extra bonus BTS planned to begin with? Or was all that talk before release referring to the musical? In my head April fools' jokes stick to April fools' day with the exception of talk of future (non-) happenings (discussed on April fools' day).

04-Apr-2013 19:29:44

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Mental Wyro is one of my best friends can't believe you guys used his invite. He must be so excited XD

Also I'm looking forward to the 2013 Gathering this year.

EDIT: First time I ever got on first page, yay me XD

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I laughed so hard when I read that the musical was ''cancelled'':P

I'll be attending the 2013 Gathering, just as I did last year. I do see a problem with the world-selection this year though.

World 80 (Clan Wars) with World 81 (Fist of Guthix) as a backup? Shouldn't worlds that didn't pertain to a minigame have been chosen instead?
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