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Mod William

Mod William

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NIS Alpha Update

The New Interface Alpha has been live for several weeks now, and we couldn't be more pleased with the response we've seen. You've really put the system through its paces, and the customisation options and new features (particularly the resizable minimap) have been embraced by you as a community.

Your feedback is - as always - the driving force of our development, so we’ve also been keeping a close eye on your requests and ideas in the forums. As part of this update we’ve added in several of your most-requested features, including:

Player-Controlled Interface Transparency

You can now set the transparency level for the interface windows you have open, so you can see what's going on in the game while retaining as much clarity as you need.

Interface Locking

If you find a layout you really like it can now be locked in position. No chance of accidently moving something around at an inconvenient moment!

Slim Windows Mode

This reduces the height of the title bar within windows, meaning you can maximise the amount of space available for viewing the game world.

Today, we've also opened up the New Interface Alpha to everyone who registered their interest (although you must still be a member in order to access the alpha). If you didn't get in the first time, you can now join existing participants in trying out the NIS and have your say on our dedicated feedback forums!

This is going to be the final alpha release of the New Interface System. the next update will be in a couple of weeks at which point it will move into its beta phase, and will be open to all members.

So, if you registered your interest and are yet to try it out, log into the NIS Alpha now! Start experimenting with your favourite interface setups, and get thinking about what you'd like to see by the time we enter beta phase in June.

If you've been testing the system already, then - first of all - huge thanks. Your feedback has been invaluable, and has really helped us as we've worked on the improvements you've seen so far. We hope you agree that it's come on in leaps and bounds, and it doesn't stop there. Keep playing, keep experimenting and keep giving us your feedback, and help us to make the New Interface System that you want to see.

The RuneScape Team

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16-May-2013 15:52:42

Mod Drebin

Mod Drebin

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R I P Fun0rb posted:

[post link]

When will everyone be able to play the html5 beta? I want to see if my laptop can actually play it or not.

Mod Pips estimates another few weeks until we merge the Alpha and Beta features into one uber Beta. At that point, I'd imagine we'll be adding more users. Stay tuned to the news posts on the front page for the latest announcements. ;)


Mod Drebin | RuneScape Community Team | @JagexDrebin

16-May-2013 15:59:22

Mod Drebin

Mod Drebin

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Girdeux posted:

[post link]

plz jagax update the dragonkeepsake for weapons and shields update that update that! i cant wait about that update

Glad to see you're excited about that! Let's save discussion on that topic for the proper threads, though, as this one is all about the latest news on the NIS Alpha. ^_^


Mod Drebin | RuneScape Community Team | @JagexDrebin

16-May-2013 16:01:59

Primal king
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Primal king

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hey mod drebin i have few days ago sending a message on jagax about that update from dragonkeepsake keys for weapons and shields but i have nothing infomations about that and i thinking you skip it about my message so i did sending here one this forum and tryed to be first on that forum so you guys comes contact

16-May-2013 16:08:01

Lego Miester
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Lego Miester

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Sounds AMAZING. Interface transparency? Great change. Can we change the color yet though? It'd really help visibility of certain items if I could change the inventory backdrop color.
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:@ That didn't end well

interface locking is crucial, I hope that includes locking the familiar prayer and run buttons by the minimap that I know from live.

slim windows mode, no idea what that is, but it sounds good.

Also I swear I registered interest, so it sounds like I'm finally in! Hurrah!
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16-May-2013 16:09:17

Jiggly Bush

Jiggly Bush

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About to log in and try it all out now.

Edit: Some feedback:

Long story short, I lost my notes I had taken with all my feedback :@ but here's what I remember- and I will post another comment if I think of anything else. (I'd edit this again but I only have 32 characters left)

What I like:
Drag an item out of your inventory to drop it
Mouse wheel zooms in/out
So much customization!
Ability Bar has all combat info you need to always be aware of - LP, Pray, Summ, Adrenaline. It also has your Summ/Pet interface (click the tiny button), Quick Prayers, and Auto Retaliate
You can put Chat interfaces on the main screen! Clan, Private, Friends..

Mixed Feelings:
Players may be caught off guard that the different chat options have independent settings- so if someone set their settings to Friends Only but only does it in the 'all chat' portion, they'll be playing with 'Everyone' in the other portions. BUT, I'm only mixed about this because: the customization is awesome, so you don't have to see game messages in your FC and whatnot. Plus, the changes only have to be made once, and then everything will be how you want it.

What I would like changed:
-Minor issue with Interlocking Interfaces. Stick with me here- When filling the bottom row of my screen with interfaces (chat, ability bar, My Hero interface, and Backback), if I put a larger interface in the bottom right corner last, it won't interlock there, though it should fit. I must first move the My Hero interface away, then put in the corner interface, then put back the My Hero interface, no size changes necessary.
-I miss the Equipped Inventory interface button in the bank. If I don't have that interface on my main screen, I have to close the bank to check my Wardrobe.
-Can we be allowed to move the bank interface? I'm fine w/o resizing, but I don't like its location sometimes.
-Quick Powers interface doesn't remember most recent position (it defaults to opening position)

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