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Feeling adventurous? There’s a veritable hoard of XP lamps on the Squeal of Fortune this week, with twice as many Agility, Thieving and Dungeoneering XP lamps to help you on your tomb-raiding travels.
The Squeal of Fortune coffers are full to bursting with XP lamps linked to RuneScape’s most adventurous skills, and they’ll be up for grabs this week! Over the next five days, there’ll be twice as many Agility, Thieving and Dungeoneering XP lamps of all sizes, showing up as common, uncommon, rare and ultra-rare prizes – perfect for pyramid plundering, abyssal whip-cracking RuneScape adventurers everywhere!
The extra XP lamps are replacing some of the lower value prizes commonly seen on the Squeal of Fortune, so you won’t miss out on your usual chance to bag an XP lamp in any of your other favourite skills.
This offer starts on Monday 2 July and runs all through the working week until Friday 6 July – that’s five whole days of chances to land yourself a lamp-load of dungeon-delving XP.

Don’t forget that members get two daily spins instead of one, so subscribing is a sound way to double your chances to win per day. Check out our Squeal of Fortune wiki page for more ways to get extra spins.
Spin the Squeal of Fortune this week – there’s an XP treasure trove up for the taking. Good luck!
The RuneScape Team

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I'm aware that the "common" rewards are "common" for a reason, but don't ya think thats a bit overkill to get 1000 GP every 4:5 chances?
Or, how about stats that are already 99, shouldn't the XP lamps for that particular skill be removed? I read the main page update, said we can discuss here. So, lets discuss!

01-Jul-2012 16:45:16

Eval Slayer
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Eval Slayer

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Oh no. I know where this thread is going. (Prepares for another 1k pages)
I also don't care for restricted lamps. I would rather pick my own experience.

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