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It’s nice to know that after a few months hiatus that nothing has remotely changed. Players still whine about updates that either don’t reflect on them or feel as if they’re “ruining the game”, they presume that just because they’re making valid arguments that the entire community is behind them, and still acting more on the spoiled side.
Fascinatingly enough, the side that feels hurt is often the most vocal. It would seem that everyone else who is either indifferent to the mess or *gasp* enjoying these updates are curiously silent. Why is that? Oh, right, they’re playing the game.
“Who could possibly enjoy these updates!?”
Low leveled accounts, people looking for that extra boost, and the likes. Don’t even start with botting accounts, because guess what? Spinning on the wheel takes precious time away from earning that gold or experience. I don’t condone macro activities, not in the slightest, but there’s nothing exactly stopping you from making thousands of free accounts and getting spins. It’s wrong, in my opinion, but there isn’t anything stopping you. Heck, help them reach that 200 million account goal if you want.
I’d like to presume that a lot of the people either dislike or are afraid to use the forums because of the negativity every new update thread spouts. “Veterans” and “high Leveled players” blatantly assault people who disagree with them, so why would they post that they like the updates only to find out that certain members would only flame them? I know I wouldn’t post somewhere if all I got was unwarranted rage against me. People get so caught up behind their ethos that they forget to realize a newer player has just as much credibility on their opinion on a new update, even if they’re absolutely wrong.
Point of this post that most people will skim over or nitpick to prove an irrelevant point: Learn some humility, people. Work with Jagex instead of being completely against them and having as much of a deaf ear to them as you presume they to you.

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