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Vanescula is priming her forces for a full scale invasion of Misthalin as the River of Blood quest lands on Monday. Here is a trailer to get your blood pumping for this monumental end to the Myreque saga – enjoy!

Podcast| Bandos, Balance, Rules and Tools!

In this week's Podcast, the lore corner discusses Bandos. Listen in to find out what makes Mod Balance cry and to hear the Player Support team discussing the rules of RuneScape and the tools they use.

Listen now on YouTube, PodBean or iTunes.

Art Showcase – Vampyres & the Arc

Mod Joe takes to the live stream for a fascinating look at how characters and environments are put together using in-house graphics tools. Watch on if you’re a budding artist or for some extra River of Blood hype!

As always, have a jolly good weekend!

The RuneScape Team

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Arian Frost

Arian Frost

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I swear it was bout river of blood quest release a few mins ago. A leak for new upcoming items to solomon store as well.

Oh, now i know bout the reward as well.

Can we have more trailers in the future please!! FOT* 2, Sliske's End Game, The Arc intro etc!

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i hope they dont go crazy with solomens - we just had the "explorer" outift, and we are still in a vampire themed TH promo... Cant wait for the quest though :)

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I'm excited for this quest as well. Sure, I'm not a member at the moment but I'll get around to renewing my subscription once I'm happy with the time I've take away from RS.

22-Apr-2016 18:41:20

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#1 dramatic battle speech.

Humans are going to win...
Don't forget to check Jagex's Scamming Prevention Guide, under Support.
Actually, make sure you read everything in the Support Centre.

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